Introduction to View Modes

Introduction to View Modes

for Traditional Project Management

Within Merlin Project, a spectrum of view types is tailored to bring traditional project management practices to life, each offering distinct perspectives on your project’s organization and structure. The Work Breakdown view mode reigns supreme in the realm of traditional project management, presenting a Gantt chart that outlines the hierarchy of your project's activities. This view provides a comprehensive insight into your project's composition and timeline.

To access the Work Breakdown view in Merlin Project, either open an existing project or create a new one. From the function bar, simply choose the "Work Breakdown" view type. Here, you'll discover an array of project elements: Activities, milestones, groups, resources, and their interdependencies, all meticulously structured and visually organized.

WBS View of a Waterfall / Gantt Chart in Merlin Project

At its core, the Work Breakdown operates as a hierarchical framework. The "Project Title" (#0) signifies the highest level, followed by groups and individual activities nested within those groups. These groups act as overarching sections, consolidating multiple activities or milestones for a more streamlined overview.

The distinct flexibility of the Work Breakdown view allows you to adapt the project's structure as needed. Activities and milestones can be effortlessly repositioned via drag-and-drop, and information concerning resources, costs, and additional attachments can seamlessly integrate and assign to specific activities. This feature enhances your ability to strategize and execute the project with precision.

Moreover, the Work Breakdown streamlines the establishment of dependencies — an indispensable element in project management. These dependencies ensure the correct sequence of task execution, reducing the risk of overlooking critical paths. Additionally, you can create and personalize these dependencies directly within the view.

Further discussions on setting up and enhancing your project will be detailed as we proceed to create our initial project in chapter 3.

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