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Version 3.1.3


  • In newly created documents, Gantt bars now always show the activity title as their left label.
  • When starting the application, Merlin Project now shows the standard open panel instead of creating a new blank document.
  • It is now possible to install document templates via the menu item "File - New Document - Show Templates Folder".
  • We now support color emoji in all texts.

Fixed bugs

  • Improved general stability.
  • The field "Maximum Possible Work" was not always calculated correctly for unassigned resources.
  • The "Status" column could not be edited after attaching a file.
  • Sometimes after indenting, it was not possible to further edit activities.
  • It was not possible to export documents to MS Project when they contained percentage values in work or duration fields.
  • Activity groups with a given duration did not always use actual start and end dates.
  • In the inspector, selecting a resource role with the arrow keys did not work.
  • Reports were not always printed correctly when they contained rows with large heights.
  • Project calendars were wrongly forwarded to activities in sub-projects.

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