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Version 3.1.2

Fixed bugs

  • The application did not launch under the beta version of the next OS X (El Capitan)
  • The application could not always connect to a WebDAV server.
  • In special cases report modules were printed empty.
  • Project files exported from Project Libre could not be imported.
  • The shortcuts for switching views did not work always.
  • When discarding changes during closing a document, the application could sometimes crash (especially with multi-monitor setups).
  • Under some circumstances the application could crash when a box in the net plan was deleted.
  • XML files could not always be imported properly into Merlin Project.
  • When the inspector is displayed in a separate window it did not always show up after restart.
  • If a Merlin project is attached as a file attachment, editing this project file could cause the application to hang.
  • In outline based views the up and down arrow keys did not always work as expected.
  • The context menu item "Separate group…" did not work when the separated project is saved in a cloud-shared folder (DropBox etc.).
  • In some cases the date format in HTML exports was defect.
  • After drag & drop in the resource view the application could crash.

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