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Version 3.0.7

Fixed bugs

  • The application could crash when content was copied into a view with active filtering.
  • Documents automatically openend when the application was re-started could show the following problems:
       Undo/redo did not work.
    Changes were not always saved.
      * Changed values were not highlighted.
  • When reverting to a previous document state, the application could crash.
  • Using special characters in filter definitions could lead to a crash.
  • "Optimize duration" was not working for activities with given durations and end-to-end dependencies.
  • Selecting style targets in the inspector could lead to a crash.
  • Assigning multiple resources at once to an activity via the outline did sometimes result in wrong given work values.
  • The application could crash after repeatedly publishing to an FTP server.
  • Copying attached media between projects did not work.

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