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Version 3.0.5

New features

  • We now support QuickLook for file attachments. Simply select a file attachment or one of its revisions and press the space key.


  • When the application is started from a place other than the Applications folder, it offers to move itself to the Applications folder.
  • Resource groups can now be created via the Insert menu and the context menu in the resource view.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed multiple problems with the handling of sub-projects.
  • Some controls in the filter editor did not work.
  • It was possible to delete the project start date via the inspector.
  • The calculation unit defined in the project settings was not always respected.
  • Search & replace could lead to a crash.
  • It was not possible to edit tags on assignments in the assignments view.
  • Time-phased cost values were sometimes wrong when printing.
  • Entering slashes in the resource role field could lead to a crash.
  • Some Merlin 2 files could not be imported.
  • Exporting to MS Project could sometimes lead to a crash.
  • Some MS Project documents with sub-projects could not be imported.
  • Publishing to an FTP server could terminate the application.
  • Change highlights were visible when printing.
  • The application could crash when a working time calendar was deleted.

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