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Merlin Project (Version 4) Version 4.1.0

New Features

  • The Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro is now supported.
  • Changes to shared views, column sets and filters can now be published directly via the menu item "Publish Changes…"

Fixed issues

  • Improved general stability.
  • Missing French and Spanish localizations were added.
  • A resource which gets activated as a user now gets all view configurations of the currently logged-in user.
  • The line heights in the HTML export were sometimes incorrect.
  • Under some circumstances, objects could not be copied to the library.
  • The format of document URLs was improved to better work in with applications.
  • Negative values in user-defined currency fields were not shown in red.
  • Under macOS Sierra, some clicks into project views were not registered.

These refer to an older version of Merlin Project (Version 4). Download version 4.3.16 (54108) instead.

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