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Why is the Time Calculation Sometimes Not Started?

In Merlin Project you can work with or without time calculation.

Merlin Project Without Activated Time Calculation

The screenshot shows three tasks in Merlin Project that are significantly behind the project status. What initially looks like an error becomes clear when we look at the status information. The empty circle ◦ in the Status column is particularly important here. It indicates that a process is future or unplanned. This "unplanned" function is required, for example, for the Kanban board, where time planning is not used at all.

Since Merlin Project masters agile project management as well as structured procedures, a heuristic had to be used that can distinguish between the two project management methods.

Work without time calculation

If you have not touched a project activity or changed its time, all activities are unplanned. The only exception is the work or duration. Neither of them can trigger the start of the time calculation.

Working with time calculation

To start with the time calculation, simply set a first link between two activities.

Merlin Project with Activated Time Calculation

Alternatively, you can use any other function that moves a bar; afterwards, the time calculation in Merlin Project is permanently active.

Merlin Project with Activated Time Calculation

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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