What are Swimlanes in Kanban Boards?

Kanban swimlanes are horizontal lines that split a Kanban board into sections. Teams usually use them to visually separate different work types on the same board and organize homogenous tasks together.


A simple example of a Kanban swimlane could be the separation of tasks by different product types, tags or properties. In this case, separate swimlanes give you a better overview of the workload and help you achieve a better flow.

Swimlanes in a Merlin Project Kanban Board

To configure a swimlane for your Merlin Project Kanban board:

  • Click the Groupings icon

    Click onto Groupings symbol to see the Groupings options
  • Click the magnifying glass next to the active groupings element and afterwards on '+' to add another grouping option.

    Insert an additional grouping option for Swimlanes
  • Select the property to be used for the swimlane.

    Merlin Project Grouping options for Swimlanes

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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