Which Subscription Do I Need?

Mac Computer:

Merlin Project

Merlin Project for Mac lets you plan and organize projects of any size - in the office, on the road and remotely from home. Lone fighters and teams love the intuitive operation and effortless data synchronization between all their devices.

You download the software either from our website (PW Store version) or from the Mac App Store and take out a monthly or annual subscription via in-app purchase. The features of both versions are identical. The only difference is the billing partner. While the App Store version is billed through Apple and requires an Apple ID, the PW Store version is billed through the company Paddle or directly by us.

With each license you can unlock Merlin Project on up to 2 Macs, but only work on one at a time. For a multi-user subscription you need the PW Store version, as this option is not available in the App Store.

We have compiled further differences between the two billing versions for you in this overview.

Merlin Project Express

Merlin Project Express offers a reduced range of functions. This means that various Pro features, such as synchronization between different devices, Kanban and mind map view and export as MS Project files are not included in the functional range.

You either download and subscribe to the software via the Mac App Store or use the Setapp subscription service.

iPad and iPhone:

Merlin Project

Like all iOS apps, you can download and subscribe to Merlin Project for iPad exclusively from Apple's App Store. The subscription is linked to your personal Apple ID.

We do not offer a combined subscription for the Mac and iOS version. If you want to use Merlin Project on both the Mac and your iPad or iPhone, you need two separate subscriptions.

Please note the system requirements for each version.

Subscriptions via Apple's App Stores are linked to your Apple ID.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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