Merlin iOS app Overview

Working with Merlin Projects

In order to work with projects on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you need to first establish connection to a server where Merlin project files are stored and to be accessed from.

This server might be a Merlin for Mac application, which shares the projects for iOS access, or a Merlin Server installation.

Once you start the Merlin app on your iOS device, you can tap the button in the upper righthand corner to open the Server Panel. The Server Panel displays all servers detected automatically via Bonjour or other servers you have added in a previous session.

To add a new server, tap the button and enter the address, port, and name for the server. When finished, tap the "Done" button and the new server will now appear in the Server Panel.

To connect to a server, tap on it. Once the server connection is established, Merlin will display all published project files that you can work with. Tap on the project you wish to work with. Once the project is loaded, it can be viewed offline, but changes will only be possible when connected to the server.

Activities, Resources, and Elements

You can access the Activities, Resources, and Elements for a selected project from the Project Panel.

View activites and milestones for the project by tapping " Activities".
View resources for the project by tapping "Resources".
View any of the six element types (Checklists, Files, Events, Information, Issues, and Risks) for the project by tapping on it.


By tapping "Activities" in the Project Panel, you can access the Activities Display.

Milestones appear as diamonds. Activities and groups appear as circles. Activity Groups appear in boldface type. Tapping on the Activity Group will list all sub-activities contained within that Group.

The symbol color indicates project status: green, yellow, or red.


By tapping "Resources" in the Project Panel, you can access the Resources Display. To view all assigned activities to the resource, tap on the Resource name directly.


By tapping any of the six named Element types in the Project Panel, you can access that Element type in the Elements Display. The six element types include Checklists, Files, Events, Information, Issues, and Risks.

Gantt Chart

There are two Gantt chart views available, one for viewing all project activities and one for viewing all activities assigned to a selected Resource. To view the Gantt chart for all project activities, rotate the iPhone from the Activity Display. To view the Gantt chart for all activities assigned to a specified Resource, rotate the iPhone when viewing that Resource. Rotating the iPhone screen back to its original position will return you to the original display.

Viewing Information

There are two basic methods for viewing information. You can view information for an item by either tapping on it directly, or you can tap the icon to access the item's Inspector. The Inspector separates information by Info, Finances, and Notes, along with the Elements button to view or attach any associated Elements.

Adding or Removing Items

From any display panel, you can add new items by tapping on the button. To remove an item, simply finger swipe the item and then tap on the "Delete" button. This action can not be undone.

Making Changes

To make any changes, tap the "Edit" button (edits can only be made when connected to the server).

Help and Support

For assistance and support, please visit our website or contact our support team directly.