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Version 3.0.9

Fixed bugs

  • When changing the font size of headers or footers in the print panel, the application could crash.
  • The application could crash after selecting columns with an open detail view.
  • Under some circumstances, the content of the field "Actual Complete Through" for activity groups was invalid. This could lead to a wrong status for these groups.
  • When renaming documents in the window title bar, the application could crash.
  • When opening views with selected resource groups, the application could crash.
  • The import of certain mpx files lead to a crash.
  • Files exported to MS Project could not be opened when activity titles contained line breaks.
  • When deactivating a filter, the net plan view was not always refreshed correctly.
  • Entering custom field values into a project with sub-projects could lead to a crash.
  • The application could crash when deleting resources which represent users.
  • After heavy use of HTML publishing, the application could crash.

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