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Merlin Project (Version 4) Version 4.3.16

Fixed issues

  • Improved general stability.
  • When importing vCard files, only the first contact contained was imported.
  • When importing vCards, phone numbers and e-mail addresses were not included.
  • The attachments inspector displayed the time of the creation and modification date in the wrong time zone.
  • MS Project documents with a value of zero in the fields "Hours per day", "Hours per week" or "Days per month" caused a crash when importing.
  • MS Project import: The task type "Fixed Duration" is now influencing whether work or duration gets set on Merlin activities.
  • MS Project Import: Warnings are now generated during import for tasks with contradictions to the actual values of their assignments.
  • MPP files could sometimes not be imported if third-party software was installed that could also import this format.
  • When opening merlinproject hyperlinks, the target document was not always found.
  • Filtering for equality of work values did not function.

These refer to an older version of Merlin Project (Version 4). Download version 4.3.19 (54152) instead.

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