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Merlin Project (Version 4) Version 4.2.0

New Features

  • Share Merlin Project documents now with other Merlin users on iOS or macOS via your Dropbox account or via iCloud Drive. Forget about the infamous conflict files: Merlin Project synchronizes all changes of all users and automatically integrates them into your document without the need of your help.
  • For pure Mac workgroups, the automatic synchronization works as well with documents on SMB, AFP or cloud services like or Google Drive.
  • To be able to automatically sync changes from, Merlin Project asks for access to your folder. This permission can be managed in the new tab "Access to Folders" in the application preferences.
  • The templates menu can now be populated with documents from any folder. You can add folders in the new tab "Templates" in the application preferences.

Fixed issues

  • Improved general stability.
  • Improved the import and export of MS Project files.
  • Dependency lags are now applied to the calendar of the successor activity instead of the project calendar. In rare cases, this may affect the scheduling in existing documents.

These refer to an older version of Merlin Project (Version 4). Download version 4.3.20 (54157) instead.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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