How Can I Exchange Data between Merlin Project and Noteplan?


The Markdown note-taking and task application Noteplan is often used by project managers for advanced documentation in projects. Therefore, the question came up very quickly for a data transfer to Noteplan.

Use the flexibility of Markdown to quickly create tasks. Add options to repeat tasks, easily move tasks into the future, and add tags and mentions. Speed up your workflow with natural language typing and auto-completion of tags, mentions, and links.

For data transfer we use an AppleScript. Download this free AppleScript and open it in the script editor. There you can even customize it to your needs.

In Merlin Project, use the menu command "File > Actions > Show script folder" to open the script directory and place the previously unzipped file "Send to Noteplan.scpt" in the directory. The file may be renamed as desired.

The script is now available:

  1. Select the desired tasks in Merlin Project
  2. Call the script "File > Actions > Send to Noteplan
  3. In Noteplan, you will now find a new project with the desired contents.

Note to AppleScripts from ProjectWizards: You may incorporate this ProjectWizards sample code into your program(s) without restriction. This ProjectWizards sample code has been provided "AS IS" and the responsibility for its operation is yours. You are not permitted to redistribute this ProjectWizards sample code as "ProjectWizards sample code" after having made changes. If you're going to redistribute the code, we require that you make it clear that the code was descended from ProjectWizards sample code but that you've made changes.
To modify this or other AppleScript samples, please refer to the Scripting Merlin Project document. You'll find there various samples and code snippets ready to use.

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