Can I Test Changes and Revert Them?

Do you want to make or test major changes and not be influenced by other users, switch to the private work area of your Merlin Project document.

While the latest document version will continue to be synchronized with your own devices, other users will see your private changes only if you choose to publish them.

When you decide to keep your private changes, click the Publish button.

To revert any changes of the private work area, click onto the trash symbol.

To return to the public work area, click onto the globe.

If changes are saved in the public work area and you want to apply them to your private work area, click on Integrate.

NOTE: If you are the only user in a project file, you could also try your changes without entering the private work area. Simply revert any changes by calling the menu option Edit > Undo as often as required.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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