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What Is The 3D Secure Procedure And Is It Necessary?

If you want to store safely and easily on the web, you will need this security method in the future. From January 1st, 2021 it will be mandatory and prescribed by the EU.

Under the second Payment Service Directive of the European Union (Payment Service Directive 2, PSD2 for short), merchants and payment service providers are required to use so-called strong customer authentication for online payments. In order to protect against misuse, the card issuer must ensure that two of three factors are met during authentication:

  • Possession (e.g. card, cell phone),
  • Knowledge (e.g. PIN) or
  • Inherence such as biometric characteristics (e.g. fingerprint).

One measure for implementation is the 2-factor authentication, another is the 3D-Secure procedure.

Consumers encounter 3D-Secure under terms like "Verified by Visa" or "Mastercard Identity Check" (formerly "Mastercard Securecode"). This is the highest current security standard for online card payments - a service provided by your bank or savings bank and your credit card issuer - and a program used by online merchants worldwide. For more information, please contact your bank or your credit card issuer.

There is also a short YouTube clip on how payment with 3D secure works: Payment with 3D Secure procedure

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