How Can I Change The Login For A Subscription?

The credentials for managing your Merlin Project subscription consist of an email address and a personally assigned password. For a subscription via the Apple App Store, this corresponds to your Apple ID. For the PW Store subscription billed via Paddle, you can assign the email and password individually.

Should it become necessary to change the access data, this is possible as follows:

Change password

You can reset or update the password for your Merlin Project subscription (PW Store version) directly in Merlin Project or also via web access.

  1. To do this, select "Manage existing subscription..." and enter the email address for logging into your subscription.

  2. using the "Forgot password" button, the system will send you a link to change the password via email (sender:

  3. click on the "Change password" link in the e-mail and enter a new password.

  4. with your email address and the newly assigned password, you can now log in to your existing Merlin Project subscription.

Change e-mail address

The email address for login cannot be changed by you. If such a change is necessary, please contact us and we can arrange it for you.

Apple ID

The management of the Apple ID runs exclusively through Apple. We have no access to it and therefore cannot make any changes. Information about security and changing your Apple ID is provided by Apple Support on their help pages:

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