Using Comments

Using Comments

Efficient communication is crucial for the success of any project. Learn how to leverage comments in Merlin Project to seamlessly communicate with your team directly within the software, ensuring organized and productive project discussions.

Adding Comments:

  1. Select Item: Click on the element you want to comment on.

  2. Insert Comment: Use the menu "Insert > Comment" or the shortcut ⌥+⌘+K to add a comment.

The Comment Inspector in Merlin Project
  1. Comment Panel: In the Inspector, navigate to the Annotations tab and click on "Comments" to view and add comments.

  2. Editing and Deleting: Right-click to edit or delete comments.

  3. Sort Order: Utilize the dropdown to sort comments by newest or oldest.

To view comments in Merlin Project, access the Notifications Window

To view new comments from other user resources, access the Notifications Window by clicking on "Window" > "Show Notifications" or by pressing F5.

To remove read comments from the notifications window, right-click and select "mark as read". Then, click on "remove read" to clear the window from all read comments.

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