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Version 3.1

New Features

  • Merlin Project is now supporting AppleScript. Use it to access the contents and the user interface of Merlin documents and create rich automation workflows. For more information, open Merlin Project's script dictionary in the Script
  • You can place AppleScript files in Merlin Project's script folder and easily access them from the main menu under File > Actions.
  • Export all tables as rich text. You can open the resulting RTF files for example with TextEdit, Word or Pages.
  • Time-box values are now included when exporting project views to CSV and RTF or when copying rows to the clipboard.


  • Text in the net plan view does not get crossed by dependency lines anymore.

Fixed bugs

  • Time-phase charts in reports could appear distorted.
  • When importing from MS Project, tasks with contoured assignments could receive wrong durations.

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