Merlin Project Express Version 8.2.0

New calculated fields
The following new fields are available as columns for the work-breakdown view, the assignments view and the resources view:

  • Expected Work Variance: Contains the net difference between Expected Work and Planned Work. A positive value means more work compared to the plan.
  • Expected Duration Variance: Contains the net difference between Expected Duration and Planned Duration. A positive value means a longer duration compared to the plan.
  • Expected Start Variance: Contains the net duration between Planned Start and Expected Start. A positive value means a delay in the start.
  • Expected End Variance: Contains the net duration between Planned End and Expected end. A positive value means a delay at the end.
  • Expected Cost Variance: The difference between Expected Costs and Planned Costs. A positive value means increased costs compared to the plan.

More flexibility in the utilization views
In the assignments view, you can now also display selected fields of the associated activities in rows for assignments. The following new columns are available for this purpose:

  • Code (Activity)
  • Notes (Activity)
  • (Activity)

You can also display the corresponding fields of the assigned resources in the work-breakdown view. The columns are marked with the suffix "(Resource)".

More overview in the work breakdown view:

  • Customize the display of assigned resources via the context menu of the resource column. With the new "Show content" option, you can now select whether column content is only displayed on the activities or also on activity groups.


  • The minimum operating systems are now macOS 11 and iOS 15.
  • The view settings inspector now closes automatically when you select a new table row.
  • If you enter actual work values without a time unit in the inspector, the unit is automatically taken from other fields already filled in.
  • If activities are still assigned when deleting resources, a warning dialog is now displayed.
  • Timescale tiers in Gantt charts can now also be selected via the "Display > Timescale > Tiers" menu.
  • On iOS, objects can now also be moved by dragging when the help function is activated.
  • When adding new columns, you can now select multiple list entries.

Fixed issues

  • Documents from some MindManager versions could not be imported.
  • Under macOS Sonoma, Merlin Project may not be able to access calendars and reminders.
  • File attachments could receive an incorrect timestamp.
  • When editing headers or footers in the print preview, Merlin Project could crash under macOS Sonoma.
  • When changing print settings, the print preview did not always adjust correctly.
  • The help menu was too wide under macOS Sonoma.
  • Help texts for menu items were not displayed under macOS Sonoma.
  • Some pop-up menus were displayed in the wrong place under macOS Sonoma.
  • CTRL clicks did not work in the style inspector.
  • Under iOS, no values could be set for certain date fields in filters.
  • General stability has been improved.

Merlin Project on the Mac and iPad

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