Merlin Project raises the bar for project management on OS X.

Now even the name of the new version reveals what Merlin truly focuses on: Your project and its planning. Test Merlin Project now and find out for yourself.

Even Merlin Project Go can use the private work area to prevent from publishing your data: https://t.co/mlkbXDTtkw https://t.co/vOcAWfVyrP

@IVACR Can you please send an email with your first name, last name and email address to our support team at support@merlinproject.net

Turn your iPhone w/ Merlin Project Go 90° and your project will be displayed as a bar chart. https://t.co/vvr0WHoSQ2 https://t.co/9X5PVMsXeF

You are looking for a mobile companion of Merlin Project? Check out Merlin Project Go: https://t.co/qF3Ck9r1OX https://t.co/VkrsUErJIn

Here is our hot tip during the beta! Buy Merlin Project 3 now, update it to version 4 for free and save $51! https://t.co/elAmH0grgS

The new Merlin Project – Wizardry for the Mac at its best.