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Communication From User to User: The Customer Forum

Customer Forum

In recent years, the way companies and customers interact with each other has changed. In order to obtain information, many customers prefer open discussion and exchange of opinions instead of the classic communication channels (telephone, e-mail or classic mail). They are happy to use the experience of other users to help them form their own opinions. After all, they often trust these experiences more than the provider himself, who only wants to market and sell his product.

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Publicado por Stefanie Blome on 20.10.2020 en merlin-project
Etiquetas: forum kunden-dialog asistencia community

Merlin Project or Merlin Project Express: Damaged after the download

Merlin Project Support

Occasionally we receive following question:
I've downloaded Merlin on my mac. When launching the application I get the error message saying that it is damaged. How to solve this?

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Publicado por Peter Meier on 05.10.2020 en Productos
Etiquetas: merlin-project merlin-project-express asistencia damaged

Merlin Project: Report With Project Objective

Merlin Project Support

We received following question just recently:
I’m using the latest version of Merlin Project. I have created a draft project file for a client who has requested regular status report. When I generate a report there’s a field with a heading “Objective” which shows blank on my reports, but is filled-in on the reports from your built-in templates and the help guide. Where can I edit the field in my project as this would be useful to have?

Merlin Project - report view of a template
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Publicado por Vicky Stamatopoulou on 05.08.2020 en Productos
Etiquetas: merlin-project asistencia objective

Understanding and Resolving Scheduling Conflict: Dependency order is violated

Merlin Project Support

From time to time we receive in support following question:
Why does Merlin show some text or dependency lines in red?

Understanding and Resolving Scheduling Conflict - Dependency order is violated

These are rows with scheduling conflicts.

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Publicado por Vicky Stamatopoulou on 28.04.2020 en Productos
Etiquetas: merlin-project asistencia

Merlin Project: Split an activity?

Merlin Project Support

From time to time we receive in support following question:
I have scheduled my activity and already recorded actual progress. Now however, I need to push the remaining work to a later date, or to assign it to another resource. Can I split the activity? And how do I set this up in Merlin Project?

Merlin Project - started activity

There is no explicit function in Merlin Project splitting activities, but…

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La magia del Merlin Project en el Mac y el iPad

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