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Is Social Media a Waste of Time In Project Management?

Social Media in Project Managment

Professional success has always been linked to who you know. Particularly in the professional sphere, people network with like-minded people in order to exchange information with each other. For centuries, people have therefore joined together in guilds, fraternities, associations, etc.

Our modern society is built on countless network structures; we are more connected today than any generation before us. Networks of the 20th and 21st centuries extend across all areas of society and are often not clearly recognizable. The economy is driving this networking even further: globalized flows of goods, international services, working in the cloud, social media. Everything is organized decentrally in networks.

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Publicado por Stefanie Blome on 02.02.2021 en Gestión de proyectos
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Visualize Your Strategy For The Year 2021

The Free Roadmap Template for Merlin Project

For each year, a manager should have a strategic plan or a so-called roadmap. In this article, we will set up a sample plan for Merlin Project and highlight both the time and financial aspects. The content of the plan is then up to you. You can also find this project in our template area as a free download.

The Project

A template for a strategic plan in Merlin Project

In the image above, it is immediately noticeable that different formats are set here. Histograms, bars, milestones and boxes are used depending on the task. But let's go through the image from top to bottom.

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International Project Management Day

Project Management
Photo: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0

Since 2004, the international project management day is taking place on the first Thursday in November.

Initiated by Laverne Johnson and Lori Milhaven in collaboration with the team at the International Institute of Learning (IIL), its goal is the worldwide recognition of the work of the many project managers and project teams in all industries, including non-profit organizations and the health care sector, who put their time, energy, creativity, innovation and countless hours into providing products, services, facilities and emergency and disaster relief services in every city and community around the world. It recognizes the hard work of project managers and how much they contribute to ensuring that a project is completed efficiently and on time.

Kudos to all project managers worldwide - today is your day!

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Publicado por Stefanie Blome on 05.11.2020 en Gestión de proyectos
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Restart After Summer Break –
Updating Your Team

Team Meeting

The previous article deals with how you personally can easily find your way back to work after the vacation. In addition, it is a smart move to get together and give each other an update on the time that has passed after all team members have returned from their summer break.

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Publicado por Stefanie Blome on 22.08.2020 en Gestión de proyectos
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A fresh start after the summer break –
this is how it works

Back to Work

Just a moment ago you were sitting light-hearteded by the glittering blue sea, hiking through imposing mountain worlds or enjoying historical sites, without thinking about the worries at home. But unfortunately, every wonderful vacation ends at some point. Everyday life has you back and you have to (or are allowed to) work again.

But returning to the office does not have to be a complete nightmare. In fact, there are certain steps you can take on the first day of work after your vacation that make it easier to get started.

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Publicado por Stefanie Blome on 19.08.2020 en Gestión de proyectos
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La magia del Merlin Project en el Mac y el iPad

Diagrama de Gantt, Kanban y Mapa mental en Mac y iPad.
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