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Friday Again Already?

In the last time it happens again regularly that I ask myself at the latest on Friday around noon the question; "Friday noon, where is this week already again"? Yes, I really ask myself this question in this form. And not as the universally quoted TGIF - "Thank God is Friday"; because I like to work! So my motto is IIFRA - "Is it Friday really again?" ;-)

So now I'm taking some time to review selected topics of the last week. Maybe I'll be able to slow down the pace a bit... or what's the consultant term for that: "deceleration".

PM Camp Hamburg

PM Camp Hamburg

Finally, the preparations for the „biggest class reunion of German-speaking project managers" (I like to quote myself) are underway. After a few attempts sabotaged by Covid-19, a new orga team has now been found, which has already found a place and a date:


On May 19 and 20, 2023, the PM Camp will
take place on the premises of ISM Hamburg.

More details will follow very soon. Until then, block the date in your schedule. I will definitely be there!

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Publicado por Frank Blome on 27.01.2023 en interna
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Merlin Project: Create Project Handbook as PDF

Merlin Project Support

We received the following question just recently:


I’m using the latest version of Merlin Project on a mac and have created a project file for a client. He has requested a project handbook to be printed or read in Preview or Acrobat Reader. The project handbook should list activities and attachments in a master–detail interface and export a set of predefined properties I am interested in. I don't mind if I need to use a script but I would like the action to do all works in one go; ie. iterate the items, extract the data and create the PDF. Is this possible?

One way to implement the customer's request would certainly be to use the File > Export > Image menu to export customized project views to PDFs or to call File > Print to print your documents.

However, to meet the requirement described above, an AppleScript solution developed by us comes in handy.

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¡Felices fiestas y próspero año nuevo!

Saludos de Navidad del equipo de ProjectWizards

Seguro que muchos de ustedes son como yo. Organizo mi rutina diaria con listas de tareas. De este modo, no se olvida ninguna tarea. Incluso la lista de tareas que había que hacer absolutamente antes de las vacaciones ya está tachada.

Hace poco, me encontré en la red con una lista de tareas para estudiantes que les daba tareas para las vacaciones de Navidad. Allí leí cosas como

  • 🎬 Vea una película navideña.
  • 📖 Lea un buen libro
  • 😁 Hacer reír a alguien
  • 🍪 Meriende deliciosas galletas navideñas
  • 🍹 Beba un delicioso ponche

Inmediatamente me sentí dirigida, aunque ya no soy una niña, esta lista está ahora en mi escritorio y pienso trabajar en ella durante las fiestas 😉

Es hora de que encienda el teclado y disfrute de la Navidad con mis personas favoritas.

Todo el equipo de ProjectWizards te desea una feliz Navidad, un próspero año nuevo y todo lo mejor para el 2023.

Publicado por Stefanie Blome on 24.12.2022 en Internas
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Artificial Intelligence in Project Management – Blessing or Curse?

Neues vom Support-Team

Nov. 30, 2022 permanently changed the world of so-called knowledge workers; OpenAI released access to the Chatbot ChatGPT to the interested public.

How will artificial intelligence change the project management profession? Will it make the profession easier or threaten it? These questions, of course, immediately come to mind for us project managers.

But let's ask ChatGPT itself…

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Publicado por Frank Blome on 09.12.2022 en Gestión de proyectos
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Allocate Subscription Payment

Billing Providers

News from Support-Team

In recent weeks, we have occasionally received cancellation requests due to recurring payments which the requester associates with a payment service. Although no products of our company are used, a corresponding subscription does not exist, we nevertheless get these cancellation requests.

What Might Be the Reason?

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La magia del Merlin Project en el Mac y el iPad

Diagrama de Gantt, Kanban y Mapa mental en Mac y iPad.
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