Merlin Project organized the Accelerate 2022

Marvin Blome, head of conference Accelerate @ HHL 2022

In April 2022, I have had the opportunity to organize an entrepreneurship conference at my university, HHL Graduate School of Management in Leipzig. The event has been a huge success. We raised a total amount of 45.000 EUR and had a great 2-days together with 38 speakers, 15 sponsors and over 300 participants online and on site in Leipzig. The conference revolved around the topic “Shaping a better tomorrow” and attracted students, investors, startups and corporates to join us in Leipzig.

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Allmann Sattler Wappner . Architects

Allmann Sattler Wappner . architects

The architectural visions of the renowned architectural office Allmann, Sattler, Wappner from Munich have been already realized since 2018 with Merlin Project. A dedicated project management team is responsibile for schedule, cost and performance throughout the entire duration of the project.

Following the philosophy of the office: "Quality is one of our core values. In our definition, quality stands for commitment to design and precision."

Allmann Sattler Wappner . architects.

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Testimonial: opus Architekten

Testimonial von Opus Architekten

„Architektur ist immer eine Teamleistung. So gilt auch für unsere Arbeit, für realisierte Projekte wie ungebaute Visionen, dass sich im Ergebnis immer die Leistung mehrerer Beteiligter darstellt. Durch die individuellen und vielfältigen Nutzungsmöglichkeiten von Merlin Project gelingt es uns, auf Veränderungen während des gesamten Projektzeitraums flexibel zu reagieren und Verzögerungen durch schnelle Anpassungen abzufangen.“

-- opus Architekten.

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Testimonial: Rhapsody | Chris Heil

Review from Chris Heil

Mixing, planning, time and cost tracking were scheduled and monitored with the magic tool!!

I keep checking every task, step, and change in Merlin Project, which stops me from losing the plot and lets me see my progress – which is truly satisfying.""

Chris Heil is a music producer who worked with artists like David Bowie, Bryan Adams, Scorpions and many more.

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Nice Quote from Atul Gupta

Today we received a very nice and kind quote from Atul Gupta. He is the principal of Gupta Consulting, a project management consulting company in Los Angeles, CA. In an interview he stated:

Atul Gupta

"In Merlin Project, ProjectWizards, have created a visually appealing, feature rich app that is accessible to both accomplished and novice project managers. My reputation & client trust is based in part, on the recommendations I make. Merlin Project is one of the very few products that I recommend. Merlin Project makes project plan creation a breeze."

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