Resource Planning In Project Management


Merlin Project is thoroughly a professional project management application. As such, it offers complete support for planning and deploying resources in your projects.

In this blog post, learn more about what resources in project management actually are and why resource planning plays an important role in your projects.

What Is Resource Planning?

"Resource" is used in ordinary language as a natural stock of things for life or economic production.

In project management, the resource is also a stock of things on the one hand, but also people and equipment necessary for the completion of the project.

Therefore, resource planning is an important part of project management. In projects, it is responsible for the constant availability of necessary resources (people, equipment, materials, etc.) and is thereby an essential part of time and cost planning.

Resources in Merlin Project

Resources can be created within the project and assigned to tasks in the project. These assignments give you a good overview of workloads and possible bottlenecks in your projects. Merlin Project offers you the possibility to combine several projects into an entire overview. The assigned resources are quickly viewed across several projects, thus preventing possible overloads and overlaps.

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The Advantages Of Resource Planning

The advantages of resource planning are obvious. The goal of every company is to successfully complete existing projects with as little effort as possible. This is where resource planning helps in project management or resource management. The two terms are synonyms and are often used on the same topic.

If you as a project manager know which resources you need for current and future projects in your company, you are able to plan effectively. This way, the available resources will be used economically and, moreover, they will not be overloaded. Another and important aspect of resource planning concerns resources needed in the future, you can organize them in time if needed.

Work progress

In addition, the work progress of the individual resources is very easy to identify. This information helps you to keep track of the current and future situation in the project. Delays are prevented in a timely manner by increasing resources or distributing additional work.

What Are The Benefits Of Resource Planning?

Below are some important benefits of resource planning in project management:

More planning security: Bottlenecks can be avoided if you determine the need for resources in a timely manner. In addition, the deployment of the required people can be planned in advance. This creates security at all levels.

Good utilization: Transparency in resource utilization makes it possible to avoid regular work overload or underload of people and teams. This creates satisfaction among employees and binds them to the company.

Good documentation: If your project is delayed or even fails due to lack of resources, you have proof through good documentation. You have done everything possible with the available means through resource planning. This gives you a "lessons learned " argument for future projects.

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Did you know that you can set up resources as users in the project and thus assign rights in the project? Learn more here


Resource planning plays an immense role for your projects. By having an overview of available resources, you can predict both the time and the costs for your project.

Utilization allows you to have a good overview of the use of existing capacities. The available resource planning allows you to document to record possible cost or time factors in the course of the project.

We wish you a lot of fun with Merlin Project and appreciate every good review!

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