Merlin Project: Descriptive Text Help for Custom Columns

Neues vom Support-Team

You plan your projects with Merlin Project? Then you already know that you can add new columns in the Outline and create your own views.

New columns can be created in Merlin Project for existing fields or new fields.

So what if you need to create a column with a custom new field and want to explain the intended contents to other Merlin Project users?

This is how it works in Merlin Project (starting with version 8) using the dynamic help.

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macOS Hints: Dock Fine-Tuning

Apple user love the macOS Dock for quick accessing the most frequently used applications. It is nice, neat and customizable. But we all probably have been storing so much applications here, that at first sight we might get a little bit lost again.

Any chance to fine-tune the dock, so that it gets more comfortable even with a large collection of app icons?
Yes! Most of us are not aware, Apple already delivers some sort of hidden "onboard resources".

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Color at Workplace

With my previous blog-article, I shared an insight into my digital tools of daily work.

Today, it's about the hardware that provides these digital tools.
In our everyday life, workstations with their software, their operating systems, are just technical helpers that should work perfectly.

Now a new computer has arrived, an M1 iMac from Apple. The new M1 generation has already raised enough attention technically, I don't have to worry about the performance and the technical features.

More important is the small, underestimated side effect, the color, in my case it is yellow. A sunshine at my workplace. It's just nice to look at this computer.

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What is on my computer

Tools and apps I work with - today: Peter Meier

Peter Meier, ProjectWizards GmbH

Hello, this is Peter Meier and I am with the support team of ProjectWizards.
My main task is supporting our macOS and iOS Apps users, complemented by testing our software products, blogging and taking screenshots / videos.

For my daily work I draw on a digital toolbox. Here is a small selection of the tools and apps I work with...

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Merlin Project: Adjusting the default calendar

News from the Support team

You use Merlin Project to plan your projects? Then you already know how to set the Project Calendar in Merlin Project.

In case you don't - You'll find the Project Calendar in the Project Settings.
New documents come with following pre-defined calendars: Standard, Night Shift, 24 hours. By default the Standard calendar is selected as project calendar. So the tasks of your project will be scheduled within 8 hours distributed 8am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm Mondays to Fridays.

How should you proceed if the members of your team are available for this project not 8 but 7 hours per day?

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