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Artificial Intelligence in Project Management – Blessing or Curse?

Neues vom Support-Team

Nov. 30, 2022 permanently changed the world of so-called knowledge workers; OpenAI released access to the Chatbot ChatGPT to the interested public.

How will artificial intelligence change the project management profession? Will it make the profession easier or threaten it? These questions, of course, immediately come to mind for us project managers.

But let's ask ChatGPT itself…

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Publié par Frank Blome le 09.12.2022 dans Gestion de projet
Mots-clés: OpenAI ChatGPT AI

What Is A MVP - A Minimum Viable Product?

Definition of the MVP

Today we take a cautious look into our wizard's kitchen. I would like to show how we approach new development projects. There are two different approaches for us.

We Simply Build The App

When the scope of a new app is very manageable, it's easy to assess the risk of development. The cost is low because, for example, only one developer is working on it for a short time (less than a month). In this case, we define a feature set, the app is built and out to the public with it. This was the case with Phone Memos, Meeting Cards and also with Herein.

The Feature Set Is Too Large For "Just Building It".

Sometimes, during initial discussions about a new app, you can immediately see that this scope will exceed the person-month limit. Or - as in Merlin Project – the product is of strategic importance. In this case, we are talking about a risk investment and here, of course, we proceed accordingly more cautiously.

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Publié par Frank Blome le 23.09.2022 dans Gestion de projet
Mots-clés: Development process agille incremental

When To Pull The Plug On Your Project

Pull the plug on the project

Recently, an article appeared in our local newspaper reporting the closure of a restaurant just a few months after it opened. The reasons given by the operator were that despite the positive feedback from the guests, the restaurant operation will not be profitable in the foreseeable future. This is due to the general price increase and the associated cost explosion.

Surely this is only one case among many. A project is terminated here because the operator sees no future in the current situation. But when is it time to consider a project a failure and end it? Is it enough that the budget has been used up? Should it only be abandoned when the project goal cannot be achieved?

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Publié par Stefanie Blome le 22.09.2022 dans Gestion de projet
Mots-clés: project kill quit

TED Talks for Project Managers

TED Talks

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to the dissemination of ideas.

The importance of TED in the United States is comparable to that of the World Economic Forum in Davos in Europe, one of the most prominent forums for information exchange across sectors and interdisciplinary boundaries. However, TED has evolved from the progressive, liberal, tech-savvy environment of the West Coast, and so TED is much more about inspiration, positive thinking, "looking forward", and networking with other "changemakers" than Davos is.

True to the motto


Ideas worth spreading

an exclusive group of professionals from a wide range of fields share their ideas in the form of short (maximum 18 minutes), powerful talks at the annual innovation conference. The best of these are later published on the TED Talks website as free videos.

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Publié par Stefanie Blome le 20.05.2022 dans Gestion de projet
Mots-clés: ted-talks tedx

Merlin Project supporte désormais Noteplan


Au plus tard avec la version 3, Noteplan est devenu un représentant sérieux des applications de prise de notes basées sur Markdown.

Avec la flexibilité de Markdown - qui vous permet d'écrire rapidement des textes et de créer des tâches - l'application offre également quelques options pour l'enregistrement et l'organisation des tâches. Ajoutez très facilement des balises et des mentions et accélérez ainsi votre flux de travail grâce à la saisie en langage naturel et à la complétion automatique des balises, des mentions et des liens.

J'ai été contacté suite à de nombreuses demandes de clients de Merlin Project qui utilisent également Noteplan pour la documentation : Ils cherchaient un moyen simple de transférer leurs données.

C'est ainsi que j'ai fait la connaissance du propriétaire et principal protagoniste au cours de cette année ; Eduard Metzger vit et travaille au Panama, où il profite non seulement du beau temps, mais aussi d'une excellente infrastructure. En conséquence, il donne toujours l'impression d'être très détendu lors de nos entretiens.

Grâce à notre interface AppleScript, nous avons pu réaliser un transfert de données simple. Un exemple de script gratuit peut être téléchargé ici.

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