The Construction Schedule As a Tool For Planning A Construction Project

Construction Schedule with Merlin Project

The construction schedule, also known as the construction calendar, is an aid for the construction manager who has to coordinate the construction process in such a way that the work of the individual trades can run smoothly and interlock without long, time-consuming breaks. The construction supervisor makes all entries in the construction schedule that are necessary for a secure time schedule. Deviations from the construction schedule are often associated with high costs.

To visualize the construction times, it is usual to display the construction schedule as a bar chart or Gantt chart. Construction managers or architects use special software for this - from simple construction schedules based on a spreadsheet to complex project management solutions such as Merlin Project, which link the construction schedule with resource and financial planning. But what should construction managers use when and how binding is a construction schedule?

The Type And Scope Of The Construction Project Determine The Type Of Construction Cchedule

There are different types of construction schedules, which are more or less suitable depending on the complexity of the construction project:

Construction Flow Chart As Bar Chart

In a construction schedule as a bar chart, the start, end and duration of individual trades are displayed in calendar form, e.g. by calendar weeks. For a long time, this type of construction schedule was the classic construction time or construction sequence plan. In this form, however, the construction schedule only provides a rough overview of the course of the project and is therefore more suitable for simple construction projects.

Gantt Chart

Like the construction schedule in bar form, the Gantt chart presents the individual construction phases in calendar form. It also shows the dependencies of the individual work steps and milestones. Often the Gantt chart is already coupled with a capacity plan, so that the utilization or possible overload of employees, material and machines becomes clear. With the Gantt chart, construction managers or architects can plan projects that are somewhat more complex.

Net Plan

So-called net plans are developed starting from work breakdown structures. With the classic flow chart you can concentrate entirely on dependencies between activities. The net plan represents relationships logically and helps you to capture the basic structure of your construction project and to check the critical path. It is therefore suitable for particularly complex construction projects.

Our support team recommends:
In order to avoid postponing the completion date of all services, it is recommended to include buffer times for each project buffer times. This is done either within the work steps or the arrangement of the individual activities.

What Information Should A Construction Schedule Contain?

When creating a construction schedule, the construction management or architect should include at least the following information:

  • Conversion of the service titles or items of the bill of quantities (BOS) into individual work stages (or construction work, trades or location assignments) as they are subsequently executed.

  • Transfer of basic data, in particular the number of hours (target hours)

  • Determination of daily work (as "man-days") after determination of the daily working time

  • Determination of the number of technology-related manpower to be deployed

  • Determination of the number of working days for the respective work period as a time duration for the activity in question

  • Examination of the planned productivity, if applicable

  • Entry of the working days for each stage of work

  • Optimization between the work sections as well as checking of parallel executions (if necessary after variation of the manpower to be used)

Is There An Obligation To Draw Up A Construction Schedule?

There is no legal requirement that fundamentally obliges the creation of a construction schedule. However, the client and contractor often agree to draw up a construction schedule as part of the construction contract. If such a formulation is included in the construction contract, the construction schedule is binding for both the construction management and the client.

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