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Happy Holidays and Prosperous New Year!

The whole ProjectWizards team wishes you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and all the best for 2021. Please stay healthy!

Seasons Greetings from the ProjectWizards' Team

Publié par Stefanie Blome le 23.12.2020 dans Interne
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Happy 16th Birthday, Merlin Project!

Happy 16th Birthday, Merlin Project!

Today 16 years ago our magic project management software Merlin Project was released. Happy birthday.

A good opportunity to say thank you.

  • To our developers for your well thought-out approaches and implementation of functional requirements
  • To our supporters for your fast and friendly help
  • To our partners for their support and mediation
  • To Frank Blome, our boss, who challenges and encourages us

But of course also to you, our customers. You support us with your purchase but also with your feedback in the further development of our Merlin products.

Without each and every one of you, Merlin Project would not be the product we all enjoy today. Thank you!

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Publié par Stefanie Blome le 09.11.2020 dans Internal
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International Project Management Day

Project Management
Photo: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0

Since 2004, the international project management day is taking place on the first Thursday in November.

Initiated by Laverne Johnson and Lori Milhaven in collaboration with the team at the International Institute of Learning (IIL), its goal is the worldwide recognition of the work of the many project managers and project teams in all industries, including non-profit organizations and the health care sector, who put their time, energy, creativity, innovation and countless hours into providing products, services, facilities and emergency and disaster relief services in every city and community around the world. It recognizes the hard work of project managers and how much they contribute to ensuring that a project is completed efficiently and on time.

Kudos to all project managers worldwide - today is your day!

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Publié par Stefanie Blome le 05.11.2020 dans Gestion de projet
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Communication From User to User: The Customer Forum

Customer Forum

In recent years, the way companies and customers interact with each other has changed. In order to obtain information, many customers prefer open discussion and exchange of opinions instead of the classic communication channels (telephone, e-mail or classic mail). They are happy to use the experience of other users to help them form their own opinions. After all, they often trust these experiences more than the provider himself, who only wants to market and sell his product.

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Publié par Stefanie Blome le 20.10.2020 dans merlin-project
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Formations pour Merlin Project :
en ligne, sur site ou individuellement

Merlin Project Trainings

L'utilisation d'un logiciel est toujours un défi. Êtes-vous sûr de l'utiliser de manière optimale ? Utilisez-vous toutes les fonctions pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats ? Comment apprendre à l'utiliser de la manière la plus efficace et la plus rapide sans perdre de temps ? Une formation aux logiciels peut donner l'impulsion nécessaire.

Pour les formations pour Merlin Project, nous travaillons avec différents partenaires triés sur le volet qui utilisent eux-mêmes nos logiciels dans leur travail quotidien. Les formations ont lieu en ligne et sur place. Les contenus sont standardisés mais peuvent également être personnalisés.

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Publié par Stefanie Blome le 06.10.2020 dans Produits
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La magie du Merlin Project sur le Mac et l'iPad

Gantt Chart, Kanban et Mindmap sur Mac et iPad. Essayez maintenant pendant 30 jours gratuitement.