Merlin Project: Differentiate Content #2

Part 2: Filter

News from Support-Team

You plan your projects with Merlin Project, have read the 1st part of this blog post and now want to evaluate the content marked by the tags?

Hereafter, we will show you the necessary tools and steps in Merlin Project for this task.

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Merlin Project: Differentiate Content

Part 1: Tags

News from Support-Team

You plan your projects with Merlin Project? Then you already know how to convert your planning into a project structure with outline and Gantt. Your project will get a meaningful and readable structure by using descriptive titles for the tasks, organizing tasks into groups, using styles.

What can you do, if parts of your project plan outside of the standard structures are important for you and you want to differentiate these components, present them separately?

Let us show you how Merlin Project can help you with that idea.

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Hints: Using Internet Content More Efficiently

Raspberry Pi Foundation Logo

You have already read or heard about the OS Linux and the micro-computer Raspberry Pi, respectively used one or the other already? You are not desperately looking for the back button of your browser? Then you will find an idea in the following, not a technical manual, which can improve the safety and efficiency of your working environment using the Raspberry Pi.

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Merlin Project: Collaborate on Project Files using Separate Views

News From The Merlin Project Support Team

You plan your projects with Merlin Project? Your team shares project files editing at the same time while our patented technology MagicSync keeps all data in sync?

Than you probably wondered, why views also stay in sync. How to proceed, if any team member working on the project files does not want a view to be in sync with someone else?

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iPadOS/iOS: Keep Your System Up To Date

Apple Configurator

Our work devices should exploit the most current system provided by Apple. This is recommended as Apple is constantly working on improving stability and security.

For iPadOS/iOS there are several ways, two are known to most users, but another way is rather uncommon and less used. We take a look at these three ways and explain why the third, less frequently used one, has found application in our company.

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