Merlin Project: Base Costs Report as PDF

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We received following question recently:


I’m using the latest version of Merlin Project on a mac and have created a project file where I needed to insert various base costs. I know Merlin Project sums them into planned, expected or actual base costs, but my client requested a detailed Base Costs Report to be printed or read in Preview or Acrobat Reader. The report should list all Base Costs on my project and export their properties. Is this possible?

To meet the requirement described above, you may use an AppleScript solution we developed.

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Merlin Project: Create Project Handbook as PDF

Merlin Project Support

We received the following question just recently:


I’m using the latest version of Merlin Project on a mac and have created a project file for a client. He has requested a project handbook to be printed or read in Preview or Acrobat Reader. The project handbook should list activities and attachments in a master–detail interface and export a set of predefined properties I am interested in. I don't mind if I need to use a script but I would like the action to do all works in one go; ie. iterate the items, extract the data and create the PDF. Is this possible?

One way to implement the customer's request would certainly be to use the File > Export > Image menu to export customized project views to PDFs or to call File > Print to print your documents.

However, to meet the requirement described above, an AppleScript solution developed by us comes in handy.

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Color at Workplace

With my previous blog-article, I shared an insight into my digital tools of daily work.

Today, it's about the hardware that provides these digital tools.
In our everyday life, workstations with their software, their operating systems, are just technical helpers that should work perfectly.

Now a new computer has arrived, an M1 iMac from Apple. The new M1 generation has already raised enough attention technically, I don't have to worry about the performance and the technical features.

More important is the small, underestimated side effect, the color, in my case it is yellow. A sunshine at my workplace. It's just nice to look at this computer.

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Visualize Your Strategy For The Year 2021

The Free Roadmap Template for Merlin Project

For each year, a manager should have a strategic plan or a so-called roadmap. In this article, we will set up a sample plan for Merlin Project and highlight both the time and financial aspects. The content of the plan is then up to you. You can also find this project in our template area as a free download.

The Project

A template for a strategic plan in Merlin Project

In the image above, it is immediately noticeable that different formats are set here. Histograms, bars, milestones and boxes are used depending on the task. But let's go through the image from top to bottom.

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Quelle est mon adresse IP ?

Nouvelles de l'équipe de support

La meilleure chose à propos des Macs, c'est que les choses fonctionnent simplement, joliment et silencieusement. Vous n'avez pas vraiment besoin d'en savoir beaucoup sur systèmes d'exploitation macOS, les architectures informatiques, les systèmes de fichiers, les interfaces d'application ou les protocoles. Il vous suffit d'utiliser vos applications et d'être créatif. Ceci s'applique également à Merlin Project, Merlin Project Express et Merlin Server.

Vous pouvez laisser Merlin Project par exemple publier les structures de projet dans le Calendrier et les synchroniser entre les différents périphériques. Vous voyez qu'il accède aux Contacts pour les ressources. Vous pouvez l'utiliser pour envoyer des rapports par courrier électronique aux parties prenantes du projet, partager votre projet avec Merlin Server, et synchroniser les modifications d'autres utilisateurs dans un seul fichier de manière transparente. Tout fonctionne comme sur des roulettes !

Cependant, à l'occasion, un peu de compréhension technique peut vous être utile.

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Merlin Project sur Mac et iPad

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