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Bienvenue sur notre blog ! Nous espérons que votre année a commencé en beauté. Préparez-vous à une année passionnante avec nous ! Chaque mois, nous nous plongerons dans des sujets qui passionneront aussi bien les utilisateurs expérimentés de Merlin Project que les novices en matière de gestion de projet. Notre objectif ? Allier des connaissances approfondies à des idées fraîches pour vous offrir, à vous les "vétérans" expérimentés comme aux débutants curieux, des perspectives et des inspirations précieuses. Préparez-vous à une année de connaissances et de découvertes !

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The Key to Success in 2024: Strategic Planning

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In the last few weeks, it has once again become clear: The template for strategic planning is currently top-of-mind.

Of course, as we approach the end of the year, it's always time to think about the year ahead. That's why I also went into this in a targeted article in the blog. This year, a particularly large number of people have asked me about it.

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You are welcome to use your plan from the previous year. It can be prepared quickly in three steps:
  1. Open the old project and duplicate it in the file menu & create a new document ID.
  2. Select the project line and delete the real values in the Edit menu.
  3. Set the start date of the project to 1-Jan-2024.

So here are a few more general thoughts on the subject ...

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The Merlin Project Onboarding is Live

Learn Project Management with Merlin Project

Merlin Project Onboarding

Project management fans, rejoice! We are thrilled to introduce the Merlin Project Onboarding as a special St. Nicolaus Day present. This initial English-only launch of our interactive learning path boosts your skills with Merlin Project.

🇩🇪 German speakers, stay tuned – your native version is coming soon!

We need your feedback to shape its future – on structure, content, and teaching style. Share your thoughts via email or use the email button within the chapter. More languages and video content are coming soon. Start mastering Merlin Project with us today!

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Milestones represent important control and decision points in a project in project management. They define and delimit project phases from each other. The correct use of milestones supports the success of your project!

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