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macOS Hints: Keep Your System up to Date


A Mac is only as secure and functional as its installed software. It is recommended to update the system continually, it protects against security vulnerabilities and system problems. An up-to-date system runs smoothly and safely. With the free tool Silent Knight all security and system-relevant components are checked for their topicality and updated if desired.

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macOS Hints: Improving WiFi Reception On Mac For Your Home Office

WLAN icon

What to do when Wi-Fi browsing is not working optimally? On the Mac, there are hidden options in the operating system to check the quality of the Wi-Fi. A small database of technical terms and abbreviations related to networking can be found at Speedcheck Wiki.

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macOS Hints: Testing macOS-Betas

Tip how to install and try out macOS betas


Apple's new operating systems always bring additional and interesting features. At the beginning of June at WWDC 2021, Apple presented its upcoming operating system macOS Monterey (version 12). This macOS version is not expected to be officially available until fall. Nevertheless, developers registered with Apple as well as interested users can already try out the so-called beta systems.

Since it is not yet stable and final software, but rather a construction site, which can however already be walked on, you should not use such betas as a work or everyday system.

The safest and easiest way to install a macOS beta system is to use a partition or external hard drive.

This ensures that the previous operating system remains on the Mac and you create a new volume for the beta or connect it externally.

Below are the steps for a successful beta installation of macOS Monterey.

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Publié par Antoni Cherif le 13.07.2021 dans Produits
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M1-Macs: Help with Problems

How to Repair M1 Macs with Apple Configurator


The new Apple M1 Macs are true wonder machines. They are fast, efficient and power-saving. They are completely different from the previous Intel Macs. If you are looking for a PRAM reset, NVRAM reset or any other previously known startup handle, you won't find it anymore.

This in turn raises the question, what if the M1-Mac no longer starts or the firmware goes on strike?

There is only one button that you have to press. Thus, you keep the power button pressed until the startup options appear on the screen.

This takes you to options that, for example, reboot the system. This is always helpful if macOS stops working properly and you still want to keep your data. Furthermore, with the help of Disk Utility, you can repair the hard drives, partition them and get rid of most of the problems.

But what to do if that doesn't work either and the startup options don't work anymore? In principle, the Mac remains completely inaccessible.

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Merlin Project for architects and engineers

Keep a digital construction diary


Merlin Project is the perfect solution for architects and engineers. With project management software you can create and track construction schedules for all your construction projects. With Merlin Project you can also do more. Construction documentation and construction diaries are no problem.

Thanks to annotations, you'll keep complete documentation and logging on your construction projects.

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La magie du Merlin Project sur le Mac et l'iPad

Diagramme de Gantt, Kanban et carte heuristique sur Mac et iPad.
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