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Accelerate@HHL 2022: Leaving My Comfort Zone

On April 28 and 29, 2022, Accelerate was held as a hybrid event

Those who know me know that I have been doing ProjectWizards for 20 years and Merlin Project for almost 18 years. So everyone can easily imagine that I know a lot of people in the business. No matter if I show up at an Apple event, or a project management event, I already meet the first known people right at the entrance. That's nice, it gives me a good feeling and it's fun. That's how I know that the years of work have paid off and that the network I've built up is working. Because people help each other, they exchange ideas. And even if you don't do business directly with each other, sooner or later it pays off for both of us in some form or another.

But I also have to admit that after 20 years you become more idle. You only choose events where you know that there will be something going on - whatever. And this comfort zone became bigger and bigger for me. Of course, no trips took place during Covid-19, and the urge to attend online community meetings became more and more suppressed. I noticed myself getting more and more cushy. And then the opportunity came: Accelerate@HHL 2022!

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Publicado por Frank Blome on 03.05.2022 en Internas
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Con Merlin Project en la Deutsche Bahn

Con Merlin Project en la Deutsche Bahn

"No soy compatible con la Deutsche Bahn" fue mi respuesta durante muchos años cuando me preguntaban sobre mi elección de modo de viaje. Ni siquiera podría decir exactamente cuánto tiempo había pasado desde mi último viaje en tren, pero podrían ser entre 10 y 15 años.

Sin embargo, hace poco se dio el caso de que la única forma razonable de hacer un viaje de negocios era en tren. Y con ello me refiero a una combinación de tiempo y dinero. Así que elegí valientemente esta opción y me lancé a la aventura.

En el transcurso de 3 días, viajé de Osnabrück a Stuttgart, a Múnich y de ahí de vuelta a Osnabrück. He aprendido mucho en este viaje. Se confirmaron algunos viejos prejuicios, pero también se revisaron muchos. He aquí algunas de mis reflexiones:

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Publicado por Frank Blome on 18.03.2022 en Internas
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Shaping A Better Tomorrow

On April 28 and 29, 2022, this year's Accelerate will be held as a hybrid event.

Accelerate is the exclusively student-organized entrepreneurship event of Germany's most entrepreneurial university – the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Every year, they invite top entrepreneurs, investors and young talents to Leipzig to share their insights and challenge their ideas for the future.

This year's conference is themed "Shaping A Better Tomorrow" and focuses on questions such as how idealism and profitability can be anchored together in the company.

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Publicado por Frank Blome on 11.03.2022 en Internas
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No Support for Putin's War

ProjectWizards is against war. We strongly condemn Putin's invasion of Ukraine and sympathize with the Ukrainian people.

Our business is project management software. Unfortunately, it may not only be used for good, but also for bad things, such as a war of aggression.

We cannot reconcile it with our conscience to be involved in it. Neither directly, nor indirectly, such as through war-financing banks. We are therefore stopping all business with Russia.

We also believe that the sanctions imposed by the German government and the European Union are still not enough. Therefore, we call on our friends in software development to join us.

Privacidad en la Apple App Store


Desde hace algún tiempo también ofrecemos nuestro software de gestión de proyectos Merlin Project en las Apple App Stores para Mac e iOS. Cada vez con más frecuencia, recibimos preguntas sobre la información que Apple nos transmite a los desarrolladores de los suscriptores de nuestra aplicación.

Apple no comparte los datos personales de un cliente

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Publicado por Stefanie Blome on 21.02.2022 en Internas
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La magia del Merlin Project en el Mac y el iPad

Diagrama de Gantt, Kanban y Mapa mental en Mac y iPad.
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