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In recent weeks, we have occasionally received cancellation requests due to recurring payments which the requester associates with a payment service. Although no products of our company are used, a corresponding subscription does not exist, we nevertheless get these cancellation requests.

What Might Be the Reason?

Many software vendors use billing providers. We also appreciate the experience and technical expertise of such services, we state this in our Terms and Conditions:

„7. Settlement: 
The online order process is conducted by the following billing providers: Market Limited , Apple and Setapp Limited. They are Merchant of Record and thus take over the responsibility for the payment processing and the relations to the financial institutions. In other words, they ensure compliance with all tax, compliance and banking regulations and take care of fraud and payment defaults.“

A Concrete Example

„I see regular bookings from, however, I don't know why. How can I cancel them?“

First, check your email history for the original activation of a product using Knowing which product you subscribed to, you can now decide if you still need it. Cancellation is usually possible directly from the product, but can also be done as an alternative by contacting the product provider or payment processor.

If the original email is no longer available, contact in this specific example. The payment service provider can give you information about the product and also assist you with a desired cancellation or contacting the vendors.

Basically, you should clarify on your side which product it is, because the service provider is only an intermediary for many vendors, not the actual product contract partner. A simple Internet search based on payment may yield incorrect results here.

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