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Where do I see the cash flow of my project?

Merlin Project Support

It's not rare that our customers ask how they can display the cashflow in Merlin Project. It's easy and done with just some simple clicks. We've put together a short tutorial to show you how to proceed.

Merlin Project calculates the expected costs' cash flow of your project in the 'Work Breakdown > Cost Expectation' time phased view configuration.

How do I proceed exactly?

  • Switch to the 'Work Breakdown > Cost Expectation' view.
  • Perform a secondary click onto any outline row.
  • Select the menu item 'Show Gantt Chart'.

Additional configuration options

  • You can adjust the unit of the Gantt headers and have the cumulated costs for days, months, quarters or years as desired.
  • Remove outline columns if you don't need them.
  • Additionally enable any filters you find appropriate.

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