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Why Excel Harms Your Project Management

... And Why You Should Use a Professional Project Management tool

Even today, many companies still use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as project management tools. Certainly because the software is already in use and the employees are familiar with it. But also because entering data in rows is easy. And finally, there are many free Excel templates to download and you can use them to create Gantt charts, diagrams and graphs. Excel is a powerful software for managing financial data. If you are completely satisfied with your team's productivity, communication and collaboration, you don't have to change anything. But for most teams, this is not the case.

The 2016 study "The High Cost of Low Performance" conducted by PMI showed that only 62% of all projects met their original business objectives in terms of scope, budget, time, etc. So if you want your team to complete projects faster and with fewer errors, work more efficiently and with fewer conflicts, adapt quickly to unforeseen factors and therefore save a lot of time and money, then you need a real project management tool.

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Publié par Stefanie Blome le 09.03.2020 dans Gestion de projet
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