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10 reasons why a building project needs
Merlin Project!

With Merlin Project on the Mac, iPad or iPhone you can plan and organize construction projects of any size. The tasks of an architect include many areas. One elementary important task is the planning of building projects. The better the preparation the easier the implementation.

Here are 10 reasons why a construction schedule with Merlin Project is vital for your architectural project!

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Publicado por Antoni Cherif on 17.07.2019 en project-management
Etiquetas: construction-project architecture

Working with Styles, Upgrade the Construction Schedule Graphically

Merlin Project Support

The colour representation of construction projects is an important component in the creation of construction schedules.

With Merlin Project, the styles feature give you various options for an individual appearance of your project plans.

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10 Steps for Construction Scheduling

How to Start Your Construction Project with Merlin Project

Construction Scheduling

Scheduling and monitoring of dates of construction sequences is done in so-called construction schedules. They serve to coordinate and control all crafts of building projects. Read on to learn how to develop a construction schedule in 10 easy steps. Launch Merlin Project and open a new blank document.

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La magia del Merlin Project en el Mac y el iPad

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