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Merlin Project: Cost Increase Reports

Cost increase

Unexpected changes keep popping up in projects. In our first blogpost on this topic you already learned how to record and document cost increases during the course of the project in Merlin Project.

In this blog post you will learn how to report on costs of your projects in Merlin Project.

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Merlin Project: Cost Increase

Cost increase

Unexpected changes pop up in projects all the time. Be it a container ship stuck in the Suez Canal and the associated disruption of supply chains, the Corona pandemic or the war in Ukraine… in recent years, business around the world has had to cope with the vagaries of globalization and the risks that come with it.

In this blog post you will learn how to record and document cost increases arising throughout the course of a project in Merlin Project.

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Preview of the "" in macOS Ventura

Mail in macOS Ventura

From the series of practical, new features from Apple: This blog post is about the new version of "" in macOS Ventura. At WWDC22, Apple showed a preview of the new macOS Ventura operating system coming in the fall.

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Publié par Antoni Cherif le 14.07.2022 dans assistance
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Hints: Using Internet Content More Efficiently

Raspberry Pi Foundation Logo

You have already read or heard about the OS Linux and the micro-computer Raspberry Pi, respectively used one or the other already? You are not desperately looking for the back button of your browser? Then you will find an idea in the following, not a technical manual, which can improve the safety and efficiency of your working environment using the Raspberry Pi.

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Publié par Peter Meier le 15.03.2022 dans assistance
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