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Project management is gaining more and more importance worldwide. The trend is reflected in an increased demand for project managers:inside and the professional tools for project management, which include on the Mac Merlin Project.

In this blogpost we will look at three important aspects of the development of project management.


Ten years ago, project management was more of an insider discipline that few companies and employees had come into contact with. But more and more companies in all industries are using project management for project work. Many are recognizing the advantages and potential that result from successful implementation.

For this, project managers and the appropriate tools are needed. Unfortunately, the shortage of skilled workers is also noticeable among project managers. On the one hand, this is due to the high demand as well as the demographic change.

General project management plan in Merlin Project

Especially the construction and architecture industry has moved very strongly towards project work in the last 10 years. BIM is one of the buzzwords here.

For companies working with Apple products, Merlin Project is the first choice, as it has met all the requirements for professional project management for many years and scores points across industries with a wide range of functions.


For a long time, Agile was always the somewhat rebellious, younger and cooler fad to classic project management. The ideas and approaches were new and blew a fresh wind into project work.

Agile has long since established itself as a fully-fledged project management method. At the latest since traditional industries such as mechanical engineering or large, change-averse corporations have ventured into it, Agile has become part of project work.

"Agile" means not only to work according to agile project management methods, but to be flexible in the truest sense of the word. Companies that are flexible and agile are also more successful.

Kanban in Merlin Project

Agile has long since established itself as a fully-fledged project management method. At the latest when traditional industries such as mechanical engineering or large, change-shy corporations ventured into it, Agile became part of project work.

Such companies react promptly to changes and can adapt their processes and ways of working appropriately depending on the situation. Instead of working rigidly according to one method, they will sometimes work agilely, sometimes traditionally or even hybrid depending on the team, project and situation.

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In Merlin Project, use the Kanban view. This allows you to plan your projects in an agile way. You can still switch to the traditional view at any time for your hybrid planning!


Cloud solutions currently seem to be the magic formula for many companies. However, web-based project management solutions are still not comparable with full-fledged native programs and are subject to many compromises in terms of technical or functional features. In addition, security and privacy concerns must be taken into account, which can arise from such web-based applications with potential security vulnerabilities and their risks.

In the opposite, Merlin Project is available as a native app for macOS, iOS and iPadOS and is subject to Apple's security requirements.

Share documents for teamwork via Dropbox, iCloud & Co. cloud services in Merlin Project

By using cloud services such as Dropbox, iCloud Drive and Co., you have secure and system-integrated solutions for working on projects as a team.

Many companies noticed these advantages, especially during the Corona pandemic. With Merlin Project, it was possible for employees to work together on shared projects from anywhere, even from the home office, while respecting access rights. No special systems or servers are required.

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Should data protection be particularly important in your company, you can store your project files locally on your own computer or, if available, on the company server!

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