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macOS Hints: Keep Your System up to Date


A Mac is only as secure and functional as its installed software. It is recommended to update the system continually, it protects against security vulnerabilities and system problems. An up-to-date system runs smoothly and safely. With the free tool Silent Knight all security and system-relevant components are checked for their topicality and updated if desired.


First of all, the website Eclectict specializes in security products for the Mac. It is run by Howard Oakley (@howardnoakley) and contains a number of very useful and security-related applications. One of them is Silent Knight, which you can download for free using the download links on the Eclectict website.

After opening the app, a window appears and depending on the system and Mac used, various information is displayed here. Silent Knight supports both Intel and M1 Macs and works with a variety of macOS versions. The soon to be released macOS Monterey is already supported.

Silent Knight

SilentKnight checks not only whether the operating system is up to date, but also all security-related system components. This includes the security components Gatekeeper, XProtect, SIP and many more, which are built into macOS by Apple.

These components protect the system from unwelcome malware applications and other malicious programs.

Another nice feature is checking your Mac's firmware both for Macs with hardware from Intel (EFI) or the in-house M1 processor (iBoot).

Why should you keep your system up to date?

The older the system and the software you use, the higher the risk that security holes that have already been discovered and exploited will be open like a barn door. The aspect of security cannot be stressed enough.

You can increase security quickly and easily by using the latest versions. A nice side effect, the updated apps have fewer bugs and also have new features.

Keep your system and also Merlin Project always up to date, so you make sure that everything runs smoothly and you can concentrate on working and on your projects.

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