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Apple's April Spring Loaded Event

Spring awakening at Apple's product presentation

Apple Spring Loaded Event

What a fantastic Apple event that was! A well-trained Tim Cook presented a whole series of new products one after another. Starting with the new Apple Card Family, which is currently only available in the US, to the iPad Pro 2021.

First things first, there really was something for every Apple enthusiast:

  • A new color for the iPhone 12, which is now also available in purple.

  • The upgrade for the AppleTV 4K with a more powerful A12 chip and a really nice remote control.

  • The long awaited and rumored AirTags, which are available at a bargain price with lots of accessories starting this week. Especially interesting about the AirTags is the fact that it is a new Apple product that uses an ordinary battery. To be exact a button cell of the type CR2032.

  • The completely redesigned iMac, which is equipped with a 24-inch display and the powerful M1 processor.

  • Last but no least, the new iPad Pro, which surprisingly is also equipped with the M1 processor. On top of that, the new iPad Pro get fantastic display technology, making them an incredibly compact and powerful device for working from anywhere.

Merlin Project

The last two products in particular stand out because, incredibly to me, they seem like they were made for Merlin Project and not the other way around. By writing Merlin Project natively for the new M1 processors to get the most performance out of them, the new iMacs and iPad Pro are currently the best devices for all Merlin Project users and those who want to do project management from anywhere.

Conclusion: Merlin Project and the new Apple products are a dream team!

Publié par Antoni Cherif le 21.04.2021 dans Produits
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