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Restart After Summer Break –
Updating Your Team

Team Meeting

The previous article deals with how you personally can easily find your way back to work after the vacation. In addition, it is a smart move to get together and give each other an update on the time that has passed after all team members have returned from their summer break.

The following 5 points can serve as a guideline:


Who is who, who does what and what is new?

This is the perfect time for everyone on the team to find out who is on the team now, who is doing what and what has changed over the summer. If you haven't been away, all the small, step-by-step changes you almost forgot might surprise your colleagues when they return. The more complex it gets for you, the more a mind map will help you with this.


Are there any news from our customers or partners?

If things have changed for you, they will have changed for your customers. What is new for them? What does it mean for your team and your company? Many conflicts in teams arise simply because team members do not have the same core information about who does what and what happens for their customers? From a certain size on, a mind map will support you a lot here as well.


Agreeing updated goals for the team and the business

The discussion on partnerships can lead to a necessary rethinking of the goal in the collaboration or even the project vision. Agile environments require more frequent changes in direction. Use the time and be open to change.


What's the priority now?

Together they develop ideas and strategies for the near future, which they would like to see realized to achieve their goals. Set strategic priorities together to implement the most important projects. Define who will take care of which project. Merlin Project users know that resources are a valuable tool here.


Given these points, how will we work together?

What are the permanent items on your agenda? At each meeting, check the strategic priorities to see if you are still on the pulse of time. How do you communicate between meetings? Questions like these are a great way to keep all issues under constant review. Are you missing the right tool in our project software? Not fo long… ;-)

Publié par Stefanie Blome le 22.08.2020 dans Gestion de projet
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