Our New Partner In The United States: William T. McVay

William T. McVay, Putah Creek Development

Today we are pleased to introduce our new partner in the United States: William T. McVay from the company Putah Creek Development in Auburn, Alabama.

Putah Creek Development is a consulting and software development company. Their focus is on small to mid-sized business productivity. While it has previously focused on modeling the human interactions and information flow of businesses in Daylite, the portfolio has now been expanded to include our project management software Merlin Project.

We are looking forward to working with Tom and are glad to have found a local contact again for the customers in the United States. Later this summer, trainings and software demos will also be offered online and in person. As soon as dates are known, we will publish them on our training page.

New Merlin Project Partner For The United States

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Get To Know Our Merlin Project Trainers

Today: Philippe Lauper from Neuchâtel in Switzerland

Philippe Lauper, Merlin Project Trainer

As the founder of Prefix, Philippe Lauper supports his customers with project management guidance and training. He also organizes and moderates team building workshops.

Philippe Lauper has 20 years experience in project management, in the industrial, administration and academic environment but also in sports and cultural events. More particularly he had the opportunity to be the project manager of the Solar Impulse adventure, the solar-powered airplane that successfully flew around the world.

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Get To Know Our Merlin Project Trainers

Today: Josef Neumaier Fom Munich

Josef Neumaier, Merlin Project Trainer

During and after his studies, Josef Neumaier supervised project business people and project managers as an IT specialist for 20 years and developed database-based project management tools himself. These experiences were very helpful in 2011 when he started his work as a certified Merlin Project Trainer.

His company, brainworks Training GmbH, was founded in 1989 and has since been active as a training company in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Get To Know Our Merlin Project Trainers

Today: Gareth Watson from Swansea, United Kingdom

Gareth Watson, Merlin Project Trainer

Gareth Watson and his team at LgoKnowledge Ltd. specialize in helping businesses manage themselves using Apple solutions. They do not want to be a large IT company because they prefer the personal touch. Most importantly, they intend to build long term relationships with their clients and work with them to deliver projects.

LgoKnowledge's portfolio includes Daylite an application for CRM and business management, Money Works a cross platform accountig software and Billings Pro a software for expense tracking and invoicing. So what could fit better in this lineup than Merlin Project for project management.

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Get To Know Our Merlin Project Trainers

Today: Kathrin Lamm From Hamburg

Kathrin Lamm, Merlin Project Trainer

As a project manager, Kathrin Lamm implements digital marketing projects of all sizes - from well-known local projects to international brand activities. Based on this experience in project management, she teaches practical software skills as a Merlin Project Trainer.

But Ms. Lamm does much more.

She has just revised her website. Interested parties will find there many useful tips and templates for working with our project management software in addition to the training offers in the blog.

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