Merlin Project: Hide Subprojects from Some Users

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You use Merlin Project to plan your projects and use sub-projects? Then you already know that your changes within the subproject are also visible in the combined document.

But what if there are subprojects that not everyone should see?
This is how to proceed:

We are going to create an example project together.


  • Create a new project.
  • Add two new activities ,Activity 1' and ,Activity 2'.
  • Save the project as the ,Main project'.
  • Create a new project.
  • Add two new activities ,Activity 3' and ,Activity 4'.
  • Save the project as a ,Sub-project'.

Combine projects

  • Drag the 'Sub-project file into the opened ,Main project'.
  • Select ,Create sub-project'.
  • Save ,Main project'.

Insert resources

  • Select ,Main project'.
  • Switch to a Resources view.
  • Add two resources ,PM' and ,User'.
  • Activate the 'is user' option for both resources.
  • Select ,Disable Guest Access'.
  • Copy the two resources to the sub-project.
  • Select the ,Default resource' and disable its 'is user' option in the ,Sub-project'.
  • Close both project files.

Modify sub-project

  • Open the sub-project file.
  • Select PM as the user.
  • Switch to the Resources view.
  • Select resource ,User' and deactivate its ,is user' option.
  • Save the file.


  • Open the ,Main project' file.
  • Select ,User' for the login.
  • The file will be opened.
    A warning is displayed that the linked sub-project cannot be displayed.
    The contents of ,Sub-project' are no longer visible to this user.

You are welcome to use also the attached test project, which is set according to the described steps.

Merlin Project allows you to hide subprojects through ,Users'.

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