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5 Questions about Project Management
with Jeff Haynor

Coffee Talk

Jeff Haynor

Before we leave the office for the weekend, we stop for a quick coffee talk with our project management colleagues to chat about their best practices. Well, not literally, but that's how we designed our interview series "5 questions about project management". To be fast, intense and refreshing like a good cup of coffee.

Today, we’ll talk to Jeff Haynor. He is the CIO of Orion Integrated Information Technology which provides Mac business solutions for customer relationship management and project management. Jeff is known in the Apple Community as the Apple Store Liaison for Daylite CRM & Productivity Suite and Merlin Project.

1. What is your favorite project management method?

Waterfall and Critical Path. We used PERT in the Navy.

2. Do you use project management software for bigger projects? If so, which one?

Yes, for complex video and audio production as well as complex CRM implementations.

3. What is your favorite routine in a project?

Defining roles and identifying potential bottlenecks. I love analytics.

4. What is the most underestimated factor for project success?

Knowledge sharing and efficient communications.

5. What is your biggest time waster?

Looking for information.

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