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macOS Hints: ZIP Archive

macOS Hints

Since the first version of macOS, the archiving program has been responsible for creating and unpacking ZIP archives.

Proceed as follows to create a ZIP archive:

  1. select one or more files to be reduced to a ZIP archive. Practical is to create a folder for several files.
  2. click on the desired file(s) with a secondary click.
  3. select "Compress XY" from the context menu.

An "" file will be created. If there are several files, the file is called "". Merlin Project project files are best sent by e-mail this way.

The compressed ZIP file is considerably smaller than the originals contained in it and can be used for sending e-mails or for archiving purposes in a space-saving way.

To open ZIP archives under macOS a double click is sufficient. If the ZIP file is used on another operating system, free ZIP apps can be used for unpacking.

More about ZIP archives can be found directly on the Apple website.


The is located in macOS in the following path:
Macintosh HD > System > Library > CoreServices > Applications.

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