Advantages Of Subscription

Subscription on time

Merlin Project is available in the App Store. The App Store is great for purchasing and handling all subscriptions. Since its introduction a few years ago, subscriptions have become more popular than individual purchases, are gaining more and more supporters.

However, there are also some skeptics and subscription opponents, a negative attitude towards this licensing model remains persistent. Wrongly so, because the subscription model has many advantages for buyers, for manufacturers, and for the quality of the product. You can find out which exactly these are right here.

In-App Purchases

The Apple App Store has offered the option of so-called in-app purchases for some time now. This allows customers to use an app free of charge, with possible restrictions, and to activate functions once or as part of a subscription.

Merlin Project can be downloaded from the App Store for free, and then you can test it for a certain period of time. After that time, you decide whether to use the app in read-only mode or take out a subscription to continue receiving full functionality.

In-App Purchases in the App Store

In the App Store, all costs can be viewed completely transparent. To do this, you can find the item "In-App Purchases" in the description text of each available app.

There you will find either

  • a "No":... the app is completely free of charge
  • a "Yes":... the full functionality or the use after the end of the trial period costs money. By clicking or tapping on the "Yes", you will get all the details here.

Subscriptions can be viewed, managed and cancelled in the Apple App Store.
read the FAQ to learn more about the Merlin Project subscription.

History Of The Subscription Model

The subscription model has a lot of advantages. But before that, let's take a brief trip back to the early days of software and the associated pricing policy.

In the past, before modern app stores existed, software was sold packaged on shelves. That also meant setting purchase prices. Later, with the spread of the Internet and the ability to download content, smaller apps were already sold online. Here, prices could be set very flexibly.

However, purchased programs could not be used indefinitely. Sometimes necessary updates were missing and new customized versions had to be purchased again, either for the full price or an upgrade price. De facto a hidden subscription, since you could not switch from one app version to another. Sometimes file formats of the different versions of an app were not compatible with each other.

Subscription is like rent

Many professional applications, which could not be used endlessly for the reasons outlined, sometimes had to be paid for with up to four-digit amounts. Investments had to be made again at the latest with a new operating system or important, new functions.

The use of subscriptions has now changed that for some time. The amounts to be paid have become smaller in real terms. You have the flexibility to choose between a monthly or annual payment model, to suit your needs. You can stop paying at any time and start using it again at any time.

The advantage of app with in-app purchase over a cloud-based solution is additionally that the data remains your property. The documents are secured as files on your computer and not somewhere inaccessible, without your own control, on the Internet.

The following shows the advantages and reasons for subscribing:

  • Transparent costs
  • Low entry costs
  • Accurate and fair billing
  • Constant up-to-dateness of the software
  • New functions automatically and included
  • Always adapted for the latest operating systems
  • Files and documents remain your property
  • Documents can still be opened for reading free of charge even without a subscription
  • The manufacturer has a planning security and can push forward the development
  • The quality of the software is guaranteed
  • The security that the software will be further developed is guaranteed
  • Can be terminated at any time
  • Can be resumed at any time
  • Cost security for individual time periods.

Our Support Recommends!

Time planning security for time-limited projects, can be perfectly implemented with Merlin Project on a subscription basis in terms of cost.


Subscriptions are often put in a bad light, but on closer inspection the advantages are clear. This licensing model offers both you as a user and the manufacturers planning security and transparency with fair billing based on actual usage.

We wish you a lot of joy with our products and are pleased about each good evaluation!

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