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Welcome 2019!

First of all I like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year, all the best, luck, success and above all health for 2019.

The turn of the year is the time for the project manager to define his forecasts. Today I join this tradition. At ProjectWizards we have something big in the pipeline and I can't wait to tell you!

Merlin Project on the iPad

Merlin Project on the iPad

Yes, you can trust your eyes: This is Merlin Project on the iPad! We've worked very hard over the last year to take our iPhone app to the next level. The result is a full-featured project management software - modelled on Merlin Project. And that's exactly it: Merlin Project on the iPad.

The internal test phase is ongoing. We will start with the public beta shortly. But please don't send us any e-mails yet. We will publish the exact process here.

And on the Mac?

On the Mac side, too, we continue developing the software. After having published eight maintenance updates last year, there will be a new macOS version soon - of course included in the subscription. As user request #1 we deliver the "Dark Mode".

Stay tuned...
Frank Blome

Publicado por Frank Blome on 04.01.2019 en Productos
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Merlin Project en el Mac y el iPad

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